Packaging and Logo Design

Tropical Crush

The client:
Tropical Crush (concept)
The brief: To create packaging for a FMCG promotional campaign using a composited selection of imagery reflective of the flavours of the product. The product is an icy pole called ‘Tropical Crush’ that is mango and pineapple flavoured.

Additional credit: Indaneey-design
My goal and process: I wanted to evoke a setting of bright 1970’s California and to create a feeling of warmth and playfulness, appealing to a broad range of age groups. I used a mostly warm colour palette with green for some contrast to achieve this, serving additionally to reference the flavours of the product.

The text needed to be unique enough to be a suitable brandmark, with movement reflective of the era I was channelling. The ‘juiciness’ of the text and background shape links to the refreshing contents and adds a level of playfulness. It needed to be fun enough for kids, and an element of nostalgia for adults, appealing as both a treat children would reach for and one an adult would be happy to buy themselves.

kaitlyn hickey.