Brand Identity and Website

Happy Cup

The client:
Happy Cup Coffee Roasters (concept)
The brief:
Create a brand identity for Happy Cup Coffee Roasters, a Brunswick based cafe and roaster. Produce a set of assets and use them to design and build a responsive website for the company.

My goal and process: I wanted to establish the brand as friendly, fresh, and contemporary. For the website itself to be concise, it needed to be easy to navigate and cohesive. I aimed to showcase my knowledge of html and css coding.

I used a colour palette that was warm, with some purposefully used bright colour. This was in order to feel welcoming to families, but still interesting and modern enough to appeal to an inner north Melbourne crowd that strongly values design and aesthetics. The organic shapes of the letters create a sense of a personal touch and reflect the joyful name of the business. The placement of the lettering creates a subtle smiling face, without being overly dominant and obvious.

kaitlyn hickey.